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You can follow these tips to recover your data

# Memory cards are of two types – regular memory card and hard capacity card. Before recovering data, you must know the type of your memory card because different memory card has different formatting.

Often the problem gets solved when we scan the memory card. For this, you need to search your card through ‘My Computer” or “Windows Explorer” and right click on it.

# A pop-up menu will open, from there navigate to “Properties”. Then a new window will appear with a pie chart in it. After this select the “Tools Tab” and click on “Error Checking” button. Then click on “Fixing file system error” check box.

# Make sure that your computer has the drive required to open and support your memory card. Often a random drive letter gets assigned to the reader but when you click on it, it asks you to “drive e-insert”. This means that the card reader cannot read your card.

# If you have your data on SDHC card then you need to have a SDHC device. For some memory card you may need to download a separate software to make it readable. The card may also have it inbuilt in the card. So refer to the card manufacturer’s website to know whether the card has an inbuilt software or you need to download it separately.

Try these to regain your lost world!

EditorDesk | Published On:December 28, 2015