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With police in a gunfight that killed two Shibir activists

Representative: Tetulabariya village in Sadar upazila killed in a gunfight with police at Al-Mahmud (7) and Anisur Rahman (9), two Shibir activists were killed. According to police, the gun battle, police Sub-Inspector Prabir Kumar, constables Rabbi and BNP were injured.
Police in a 1 sutara song, two rounds, 6 bombs recovered hasuya and 5. Friday morning at 3 pm in the gun battle took place.

Barisal City branch of the martyrs killed Mahmoud al-siberara Kamil Kamil Madrasah Students’ Affairs Secretary Jhenaidaha Siddiqia 1st year student. He is the son of Rajab Ali village in Sadar upazila badanapura. On June 13, police from his home town badanapura him as he was picked up by plainclothes men on June 18, was claimed at a press conference on behalf of the family.

On the other hand, former president Anisur Rahman house in Kushtia, Barisal Polytechnic Institute has been known to camp. Its United Dhaka University students. He Mohammadia Housing Society Mohammadpur in the capital at June 16, number 9, number 11 at 6 floor of the house was picked up by plainclothes people and their families on behalf of the organization is claimed. Wednesday (9 June), the camp of the Central Committee of the Martyrs of Al-Mahmoud and the demands of their employees Anisur Rahman statement sent to the media.

Sadar Police Station officer-in-charge (OC) Hasan Hafizur Rahman confirmed the incident and said the gun battle, police opened fire on a police patrol car noticed a group of terrorists opened fire. On hearing the news of additional police at the scene, sir, I am the SP circle. When the firing stopped, we recovered two bodies. At the time, our three policemen were injured, he said. Police could not confirm the identity of the victims. However, at the scene of the village in Sadar upazila badanapura Rajab Ali Shaheed Al-Mahmoud and his son’s body in two other camps identified as the leader of the anicurera.

Police injured in the gun battle SI Prabir, a member of the Rabbi and the BNP were injured. The injured policemen were admitted to Sadar Hospital. Jhinaidahera ajabahara Ali Sheikh said Additional Superintendent of Police, acting on a tip, police in the area to know that a group of tetulabariya dubrrtta is to carry out subversive activities.
On hearing the news Sadar police patrol police were patrolling the streets tetulabariya. Police patrolling the village north of the field at the time tetulabariya dubrttara opened fire at the police car. Police opened fire in self-defense. Both sides exchanged fire for about 0 minutes. At one point fled dubrttaraa. Police recovered two bodies Sadar Hospital morgue for autopsy and sent.

The June 18 press conference calling for the recovery of missing children, the elderly father died a martyr Mahmud al-Rajab Ali. He accused the press conference that day, around 1 am on June 13, plainclothes police with the identity of those killed and his son al-Mahmood picked up from the village of Sadar upazila badanapura. He had been missing since then.

During the press conference, the statement is referring to a man in a black microbus 10/1 and 3 motor bike will be picked up, and his younger son, Shahid Al-Mahmood. Meanwhile, he and his family sannkita son’s life. The press conference was attended by Shahid Mahmood Al Madina Khatun older sister and uncle Firoz Ahmed.

However, the police did not arrest the Shibir activists killed al-Mahmud said. Meanwhile, the city’s public health Jama Masjid Jhenaidaha moyajjina Sohel Rana (X) has been missing for 7 days.
During Friday prayers on June 3 after a police car color haiyeja identity or who took him. There is no trace of him since. Kamarakundu village in Sadar upazila, son of Nur Islam Rana.

Rana’s brother, Rahman said the incident showed that Sohel Rana, some unidentified persons.
After the incident, Sohel Rana and can not be found. They took him to the idea that members of law enforcement personnel. However, police have not arrested Sohel Rana said.

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