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Today is the 117th birth anniversary of Kazi Nazrul Islam

Today is the 117th birth anniversary of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, one of most diversely talented literary individuals ever to have lived in this country. Nazrul was a poet, composer, lyricist, playwright, novelist, short story writer and a revolutionary.

He was born in West Bengal but an important part of his life was spent in Bangladesh. His connection with Bangladesh was more emotional than biological, and had been established long before he was brought to the country with state honours in 1972 and accorded citizenship in 1976. Many of Nazrul’s works were produced in Bangladesh, and many were directly inspired by the historical circumstances of the land.

He loved the land and its people and his feelings were enthusiastically reciprocated by the latter who considered him one of their own. In 1924, Nazrul married Pramila Devi who lived in Comilla, and had four sons with her, including Azad Kamal, Arindam Khaled, Kazi Sabyasachi and Kazi Aniruddha. Their first two sons died in infancy, while the descendants of the remaining two live on. Kazi Sabyasachi and his wife Uma Kazi have two daughters and a son – Khilkhil, Misti and Babul – while Kazi Aniruddha and his wife Kalyani Kazi have two sons and a daughter – Anirban, Arindam and Anindita. In this issue, New Age talked to Khilkhil Kazi and Anindita Kazi who live in Dhaka and Kolkata respectively. They talked about Nazrul’s legacy, present situations in their countries and their own activism surrounding the practice and promotion of his literature.

EditorDesk | Published On:May 25, 2016