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Shailakupa contribution to the cost of losing the claim, the police complaint

Jhenaidah Correspondent: dhalaharacandra Union majhadiya Jhenidah district election defeat at the last phase of the union believed that a man named Ali dower demanded extortion money from a half million muntaja Ali Biswas defeated candidate member.
Shailkupa police believe the incident, dower Ali filed a written complaint.
According to the complaint, the last phase of the election to the post of union members in the village of Union Parishad elections majhadiya budoya Mandal of the village, the son of Ali, believed muntaja. Dower Ali believes that the election in his favor. Muntaja Ali Biswas was defeated in the election.

According to human rights does not want to vote in the election called after a few days of rural crime dower Ali’s faith was fined a quarter of a million. If the money is not beating, trees, crops threatened to cut muntaja Ali Biswas.
Dower Ali Biswas, chairman of the local police finally filed a complaint but did not find any remedy.

The dower Ali Biswas said, the last phase of the election muntaja cock brand pratike took part in the elections. I wanted to vote to voters in many places to go with him. But after losing the election, he took me two and a half million contribution to the local kayekajake claim. I can not stay at home for fear of her. They can not hurt me any time.

He believes muntaja Ali, Ansar Ali Mandal, Milon Hossain, Sohrab Hossain, Abu Daud, Mujibur Rahman to demand money from me. Has filed a written complaint.
Confirming the incident, members muntaja defeated Ali Biswas said, ‘I do not want to contribute to him, did fine. Matabbarara According to human rights, which has ruled that the amount of money he has sought.

Shailkupa The police officer in charge (OC) Tariqul vote in the election and who seemed to be fine for his question. Police received a complaint that the langalabadha makhalechura’s camp has been on the tadantabhara. After conducting a legal issue can not be resolved locally will be accepted.

EditorDesk | Published On:July 13, 2016