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Public universities announced the convocation

all public universities announced the convocation, From the 11th of January, of the Federation of University Teachers Association.

Saturday afternoon, Secretary General of the Association Prof ASM Maksud Kamal made the announcement at a press conference at the Dhaka University.

Maksud Kamal said, University teachers have been discriminated in the new salary structure, teachers mention the strike would continue until their demands are met by their demand.
He said, on January 3rd class contains all of the public universities, the teachers will be wearing black badge. They will inform students about the strike program. From January 7 at 11 am to 1pm strike will be observe.

On 10th January, there is no program for the day of returning to the homeland of Bangabandhu. A complete shutdown of the program will begin on January 11th on the next day.

EditorDesk | Published On:January 2, 2016