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Nupur and sagar’s Luv affair licked , arrested by locals

Shariatpur Sadar’s Billal Hossain Sardar (32) and Nupur Akter (24) are arrested by locals to flee. The incident took place at 5am on Friday.

However, about 3month ago Nupur & Sagar build a relationship by phone with mistake number.

Billal truckload cargo truck stopped in the early hours of the war was standing at the Shariatpur Sadar. Nupur came up from the house of in-law’s than up to Billal’s truck.

When in doubt, ask them if they saw the locals said we are going to visit my sister’s cousin. Locals said they detained the suspected Division. Later, they handover them to the police. SI ashraful went to the police station for questioning.

Billal Hossain Sardar said, I got married in my district. also I have a daughter.

Nupur Akter said, My husband has a job in “Grameen Bank”.I have two daughters.they also read in school at KG. We ran away to marry.

EditorDesk | Published On:August 20, 2016