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Militants encouraging youths by misinterpreting Quran

News Desk: Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Hoque on Sunday said the militants are encouraging youths through misinterpreting the holy Quran.

“Militants first encourage young people talking about ‘Jihad’, bring them out of their houses in the name of ‘Hijrat’ and persuade them to get involved in militancy in the name of heaven,” he said.

The IGP was speaking at s views-exchange meeting titled ‘Preventing terrorism and militancy’ at a local restaurant.

“When the execution of the condemned militants will start, they’ll become frustrated which will weaken militant activities,” he said.

Some 300 cases related to militancy are under trial while the cases against 50 condemned militants are awaiting disposal at the Supreme Court, he added.

Urging militants to come back to normal life, he said in that case police will provide them support and the government will consider general mercy.

Presided over by Superintendent of Cox’s Bazar Police, Shyamal Kumar Nath, the meeting was attended by district deputy commissioner Ali Hossain and Commanding officer of BGB-17 Battalion, Lt Col Imran Ullah Sarkar.

EditorDesk | Published On:July 25, 2016