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Hulusi Akar rescued from pro-coup soldiers

News Desk: Chief of General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces, Hulusi Akar was rescued from pro-coup soldiers at an air base northwest of Ankara, the capital.

Being held hostage at a military base, Hulusi Akar was released in a special operation. His condition is normal; he is ready to return to work, CNN-Turk reports.

Earlier, First Army Commander Umit Dundar was appointed Chief of General Staff by proxy after a coup attempt.
“The probability of success of this initiative is zero,” Gen. Umit Dundar said”.

Sixty people died during overnight clashes, many of them civilians, and 754 soldiers were arrested, officials said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has addressed thousands of flag-waving supporters outside Istanbul`s Ataturk Airport and tells them he is charge and coup won`t succeed.

Erdogan says: “They have pointed the people`s guns against the people. The president, whom 52 percent of the people brought to power, is in charge. This government brought to power by the people, is in charge. They won`t succeed as long as we stand against them by risking everything.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the situation was largely under control.

He has ordered the military to shoot down aircraft being used by coup plotters.

Source: Agencies

EditorDesk | Published On:July 16, 2016