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Huge education infrastructures being built as enrolment rises

News Desk: Minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Tuesday said construction of huge educational infrastructures is going on across the country as the number of students has marked a sharp rise amid the growing government facilities.

“The number of students in educational institutions in the country has increased sharply for various programmes like distribution of free textbooks, lunch, exemption of tuition fees and stipend,” he said.

The minister came up with remarks while speaking at a programme at Education Engineering Department (EED) head office marking the joining of jobs by 32 newly appointed assistant engineers.

Nahid said EED has constructed some 9,500 new academic buildings of different schools, colleges and madrasahs since 2009.

Besides, he said, the construction work on the new buildings of 2,657 more educational institutions are also going on under the supervision of EED.

He urged the EED engineers to supervise the ongoing educational infrastructure development and construction work with honesty and sincerity.

The minister also called upon the newly appointed engineers to work hard with devotion to brighten the EED’s image.

EditorDesk | Published On:July 25, 2016