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Dos and don’ts in the eye of a policeman

Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner Masudur Rahman has pointed out some dos and don’ts in case of a terrorist attack like that in a Gulshan restaurant.

“The first thing a hostage should avoid is making direct eye contacts with the hostage-takers,” he said replying to a question at Bangla tribune Info Show held Monday night.
“A hostage must not engage in a heated argument with the hostage-takers but follow their directions as much as possible. It is best not to make eye contacts when speaking to the attackers,” said the deputy commissioner.

As for the general people, Masudur said the best option during such active situations is to follow police directives properly and cooperate with the law enforcers. People rushing to the spot only makes police work difficult.

“We may need to cordon off an area when such incidents are in progress to prevent criminals from escaping,” he said, adding that during this time, police may also need to divert the traffic which can cause trouble for those living in the area.
“All of us have to accept that and assist police. The country belongs to everyone and that’s why we expect everyone’s cooperation,” said Masudur.

Asked if police can share regular updates during these incidents on social media like the German police did during Munich attack, the deputy commissioner said they would try.
He said rumours and confusions abound after such incidents. “Many want to get quick updates but there could be mistakes that may cause harm. That’s why we’ll try to give updates in these situations.”
Terrorists killed 22 people during an attack on an upscale restaurant in the heart of Dhaka’s diplomatic zone on July 1. Most of the hostages were foreigners. The 11-hour standoff ended with a commando raid that killed five terrorists.

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EditorDesk | Published On:August 9, 2016