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Bangladesh won the fourth highest in the list of 015

Bangladesh cricket colorful clothes now matured enough. Just look at the performance of the team can be seen in 015 to achieve the glory of the Tigers. Bangladesh in the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time in 015 years of great one. Per cent of Australia’s world champion after winning the ODI series in Bangladesh this possible. Statistics bear witness to the country’s history since 015 is the most successful years of carving.

The Tigers have played a total of 18 in 015 one-day internationals. Where they have won 13 matches. England lost full vigor, Pakistan, India, South Africa team. If the government of Pakistan, India, South Africa, the team loses the red-green jarsidharira parasaktidera series. Tigers captain Mashrafe Mortaza sweep at home in Zimbabwe.
This possible winning 015 (percent) ajidera the first place. Test-playing country in the list of 19 ODIs in Australia last year, won 15 seats. Lost three games in a match is abandoned and the current bisbacyampiyanara. Ajidera 83.33 percent success. Bangladesh is in the second position. Tigers in 7222 the percentage of success.
New Zealand won the most matches in 015. Ranarsaapara 3 matches to win the World Cup took 1 match. New Zealand concede defeat in 10 matches, a match is abandoned. 67.74 per cent of their success.
After the success of New Zealand, South Africa, as a percentage (62.50%). Then place the team in possession of India (50.00%). 5 to 50 percent could be achieved sixth place in the Sri Lanka match. England is the seventh of 48 per cent success. 46.15 per cent of the eighth success of 7 1 win and 14 ODIs for Pakistan to accept defeat.
Just 4 wins in 15 one-day internationals against West Indies (26.66%) at nine. 31, No. 7 wins in ten matches in Zimbabwe (23.33%).
Bangladesh won the fourth highest in the list of 015. Tigers top New Zealand (1), Australia (15) and South Africa (15). India have won 13 matches in the same country. 1 matches won, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England.

EditorDesk | Published On:January 3, 2016