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Badda bitiai Premier Plaza fire was under control

Uttar Badda bitiai Premier Plaza fire was under control. However, the building is still smoke coming out from different places.

Wednesday night the fire broke out around 3 pm. 4 units continue to fire on Thursday morning at 9 am and doused the fire. Five-member committee has been formed to investigate the incident.

Fire Service and Civil Defence Department (OC) Inayat Hussain confirmed the information. The first fire units on the scene at 8 fire started. However, the fire spread quickly because the building several furniture stores and terrible shape. After more than 16 units of fire-fighters joined the fire under control. A total of 4 units trying to bring the fire under control.

The building developer company bitiai catch fire. 5 floor 14-storey building and 14-storey residential hundreds of people were trapped there. Most people took refuge on the roof of the building. After the fire on the roof of the trapped workers rescued everyone.
According to the fire department, the four sides of the building due to lack of enough space for the fire fighters to extinguish the fire took. The fire control work was hampered due to lack of adequate water.

EditorDesk | Published On:June 29, 2016