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45 crore unsold sugar, sugar mills across 48 worth Tk 62

Correspondent: jhinaidahera Kaliganj institutions located in the south of the artist Heavy Mobarakganj sugar mill produces milagete being sold at Tk 48 per kg and 5. Milageta sugar traders are selling to consumers at Tk 62. A kilogram of sugar from the mills are selling more than 14 per purchase.
Authorities say the general consumer, and the similarity of Ramadan and to celebrate the huge demand for sugar because of some unscrupulous dealers and traders are taking advantage of this opportunity. The fair value of the common general knowledge in the hands of consumers to bring their own transport authority, similar to the 48 rupees and 5 rupees per kg packing sugar in open market selling sugar.

The financial crisis in the last few years, the mill could not overcome. As a result, the biggest religious festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, the Muslim community came forward in June, nearly 6 billion workers were unable to pay staff. However, for the time being to prevent the angry workers a bonus payment of June salaries before Eid milatiedike are getting angry employees has become a miller. In June the government announced the implementation of the new pay scale has threatened a movement.
It is learned that, sugarcane crushing season, sugar production target 20142015 5 921 thousand metric tons to 35 metric tons, but production is 4 thousand two hundred. Latest 20152016 threshing season, the sugar production target of 4 120 metric tons of the produce 4 5 hundred thousand metric tons. Threshing of 8 3 billion in the last two seasons produced 59 tonnes of unsold sugar is all about. Worth around Rs 45 crore.

20132014 crushing sugar produced in the last few months of the season just ended and has sold sugar cane marayera. However, he has to spend money to parisora ​​debt sinhabhai Head Office. As a result, the mill can not pay workers in June. Mobarakganj unsold sugar mill 45 crore, Tk 48 sugar mills across the Money 6

Sugar Sugar Mills area Mobarakganj kaligenjara prominent businessman Abdul Kader, matching a list of almost 800 dealers. There are only two people in the local Barisal district. 48 kg of sugar mill gate money to a dealer if you are just one ton of sugar.

Twenty districts meet the needs of consumers through dealers, this is absolutely impossible to know. 1 of 10 from the outside that the dealer is a DO with the money to buy the sugar is extracted. As a result, the price of 48 rupees a kilogram of sugar cost more sugar, but we do not lift. However, the withdrawal of sugar from the list of dealers to 48 rupees per kg darei milageta said the businessman.

Jhinaidahera Kaliganj village of Balrampur district jaanana consumer Ohidul Islam, ie sugaramile sugar is 48 rupees per kg. I tried several times but failed. Forcing money from the market at 6 kg of sugar bought

Mobarakganj Sugar Mills Managing Director Delwar Hossain, head office, we determined the order of the local dealers to sell their sugar. But due to the demand for Ramadan and Eid sugar traders selling sugar at higher price to consumers.
For this reason, common areas at fair prices so that ordinary consumers to buy the sugar mill workers of their own money to transport 48 kg of sugar is being sold at open market.

The first started in 1968 with marayera sugarcane mill in the debt accrued nearly 125 million.
In 1965, Holland Stork Works Poor crushing capacity of 1,500 metric tons per day the company fabricated the match. Based on 189.40 acres of land, construction of the first test match in the 1967-68 crushing season starts.

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