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2015 ‘Bribe’ was 8821 crore Taka In the public sector

2015 in the non-government services sector bribery or 8 thousand 821 crore turnover worth 8 million. The fiscal year in which (201415) 3.7 per cent of the revised budget of zero percent and 6 percent of GDP. And the amount of bribes or the arthalenadene excluded from the land administration topped the country’s service sector.
Wednesday, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) dhanamandistha office, corruption in the service sector: 2015 national household survey, published on the occasion of a press conference at the image highlights. 2015 in October to 014 in November from 16 countries were surveyed on the service sector and sebagrahitadera.

TIB’s survey, the service sector, corruption is increasing day by day. Compared to 01 last year, more than 1 thousand 497 crore 3 lakh bribe, and the rules have been excluded from the transaction. This year, the highest amount of money was a bribe transaction of land administration. There are two thousand 450 crore 3 lakh non-transaction rules. Dollar figures are in second position in the field of law enforcement agencies to exchange bribes. 2015 crore in the sector 1 of 4 million 702 thousand.

The report also referred to as the amount of the bribe sector survey, the service sector is at 1 million to 4 million 613 thousand, 808 crore 5 lakh judicial service, gas, 734 million, 413 million to 1 million in the education sector, 295 million Passport service, local government 19. 3 lakh crore, 156 crore 3 lakh solely, 114 crore 9 lakh insurance sector, banking sector, 110 billion of the total Tk 4 lakh 16 thousand 821 crore 8 lakh bribe in 8 transactions.
However, as the average gas connection to any of the recipient (FOSS), the report is said to have paid a bribe. The average amount of 7 thousand 166 rupees. In addition to the insurance sector, the service is able to provide an average of 13 thousand 465 bribe. An average of 9 thousand 686 rupees in the judicial service and the administration of the land has been developed to offer a bribe of Rs 57, 9 thousand.
The report was presented at a press conference TIB Senior Program Manager, Research and Policy Division, said. Wahid Alam, program manager and deputy program manager Farhana Rahman Mohammed Nur Alam. TIB Trustee Board chairperson Sultana Kamal, executive director attended the press conference, chaired by Dr. Iftekharuzzaman, Deputy Executive Director said. Sumaiya Khair Mohammad Rafiqul Hasan and Director of Research and Policy Department.

EditorDesk | Published On:June 30, 2016